KMSPico FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions about KMS Pico

KMSPico FAQ helps you get an understanding of the questions in the minds of most people while installing KMSpico. KMS Pico FAQ serves as a wonderful place to sort out your doubts regarding the software.



Is KMSpico Safe to Use?

Yes. KMSpico is extremely safe to use. KMSpico doesn’t have any sort of advertisements, viruses or malware which may infect your computer.

Can KMSpico be removed or will it be permanently on my computer?

KMSpico can be removed from the computer entirely. Visit the following link to understand how to uninstall and remove KMSpico from your system:

How to Remove KMSpico.

Do I need an Internet connection to use KMSpico?

No. As long as your KMSpico is downloaded on your system, you do not need an internet connection to use KMSpico.

How to Download KMSpico.

How to Install KMSpico.

The Watermark still shows “Windows is not Genuine”.

Simply shut down and restart your system and the watermark will disappear. To restart your system, click on the Start button and then click on Restart.

Do we Need to Pay KMSpico?

No. KMSpico is free software. You do not need to pay at any level or time for the use of the software.

Does KMSpico steal Personal Data or Bank Details? (KMSpico FAQs)

No. KMSpico is malware-free and never records or steals any personal details of the user or anything. Everything happens on your computer and is stored on your computer and there is no way that KMSpico will ever retrieve or store or steal any data of any of its users.

Is KMSpico a Virus?

No. KMSpico is not a virus. It just helps you activate Microsoft products. You can learn more about how KMSpico works here:

How Does KMSpico work?

Will I get flagged by Microsoft for using KMSpico?

No. Microsoft will never come to know that your Windows is activated by KMSpico and not genuine. Microsoft has no systems in place to control this and you will never be flagged by Microsoft.

Will I receive Windows Updates?

Windows activated by KMSpico works like a genuine copy of Windows and therefore, you will receive all the updates and upgrades pushed by Microsoft.

Where can I find my KMSpico Log Files?

You can find your log files here: My PC > Local Disk C > Program Files x86 > KMSpico > Logs

So, as you can see KMSpico is the best way to activate Windows without any problems of getting flagged or malware.

So these were the most common KMSPico FAQ people try to find answers to. If you still got any question that is not answered here, do comment below we will answer it for you.

Features of KMSpico


Activates almost every active version of Windows and Office.

KMSpico is a unique software which can be used to activate and verify almost all Microsoft products. Once activated, we can use the versions for the rest of our computer’s life.

KMSpico is the most widely used activator for a reason, and the numbers verify the claims.

Easy to Use

KMSpico can be used by everyone, without the need of knowing any coding skills or any advanced computer knowledge. All you need is to follow our instructions and your Windows or Office installation will be activated in no time.

Free to Use

The activator is free. It is royalty and license free and doesn’t require you to pay anyone to get the activator.

Download KMSpico here.

KMSpico for Windows 10

KMSpico for Windows 10 works without the hassle and can be used seamlessly to activate your Windows installation.

KMSpico for Windows 10

Microsoft Office Activator

KMSpico can be used to activate both Windows and Office products. It can be used to activate all the versions of Office too. To know about how to install KMSpico and download KMSpico for Office click on the link below:

How to Install KMSpico and Download KMSpico for Office Products.

Furthur few of the more features of KMSpico are given below:

  • KMSpico enables you to activate the different versions of Windows and Office for free.
  • Both x86 and x64 bit operating systems are supported by KMSpico.
  • No internet connection required to activate KMSpico
  • Genuine Activation for Lifetime. You will never lose your access or you will never need to run the program again. Do it once and the process is over.
  • Multi-language support.
  • KMSpico requires a .NET framework of 4.0 or above.

How to Download KMSpico for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and Windows 7.

The process to Download KMSpico for Windows 10 and other Windows Softwares are quite similar. However, to make things simple, we created separate guides to download KMSpico for Windows 10 and the other versions of Windows. Click on the following links to get the steps to download KMSpico for Windows 10 and the other versions of Windows and Office.

KMSpico for Windows 10

KMSpico for Windows 8.1

KMSpico for Windows 8

KMSpico for Windows 7

KMSpico for Office Products

The most common activator is the KMSpico for Windows 10. KMSpico for Windows 10 is also the most frequently updated version of the activator.

KMSpico for Windows 10 also comes with features to activate the other versions of Windows and Office.


As you have learned along the way, KMSpico is an awesome activator. The way it manages to bypass Microsoft’s security is just outstanding.

The developers of KMSpico did a commendable job in creating one of the best hacks in the market and for saving many of us who aren’t willing to be shelling out money from our wallets to pour into the coffers of Tech Giants like Microsoft.

If you have anything to share with us or any doubts regarding the product, make sure you contact us or leave the questions in the comments.

Thank you for reading and make sure you share the post so that many more people can benefit from using KMSpico.